High Performance Scullers Group (HPS) at GMS Rowing Center

Goal: To be the strongest sculling program in the country: quantified by number of boats to qualify for Senior World Championships and U23 World Championships

Framework: Training in a competitive environment with other high performance athletes; reside at GMS rowing center; residing at college; or off 'campus' resident living in their own community


  • 12 - 14 Training Sessions per week
    (to average 800 – 1200' / week)
  • 120 km rowing per week (average)
  • 60,000 repetitions weight training per year

Log Book: Athletes responsible for recording all workouts and communicating data to coach; Excel Log Book input form provided after committing to HPS group

Training Plan: All athletes receive an individual "Personal Training Plan" (PTP) after committing to the HPS Training Group

Training: Coached Training Sessions 4x a week Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM during the winter months


  • Erg:     Women 7:25 ltw; 7:10 open;     Men 6:25 ltw.; 6:10 open
  • Water: Women 8:10 ltw.; 8:00 open;    Men 7:15 ltw.; 7:05 open

Erg Tests: Three 2k; 6k Tests from September until March

Lactate Testing: One Lactate Test per 12 weeks included in cost to measure AT performance progress.

Weight training: Athletes will work to become familiar with "Strength Training Plans 1,2,3,4: being able to perform progressively; Bench-Pull Test and Squat Test at the beginning and the end of winter training

Camps: Training Camp 8-10 Days in March and April - additional cost


  • $120 per month if resident at GMS
  • $90 per month if remote

Applications: Please e-mail rowing resume to copying and title it HPS Application.