Aim of the course:

To maximize an individual’s performance through a structured and science based program adapted for each individual.

Program offers:
  • On-water and ergometer technique analysis
  • Fitness assessment with recommendations/instruction
  • Strength and endurance assessment / instruction
  • Organized, flexible daily training schedule to accommodate individual travel, off-location training
  • Regular assessment and guidance

  • On water assessment: in November using video and technique analysis as developed for the German National team (scheduled as weather permits)
  • Lactate Test program: provides three tests at the October/November, early February and at the Spring Camp
  • Daily Individualized Training Program: offering Erg, Strength, and Cross Training from Nov 1st to April 30th.
  • Training intensity zones: heart rate ranges, determined by lactate testing. Programs can be adapted for cross training and all ability levels.
  • Assessment: every month
  • Optional - Spring Camp is held in South Carolina in April. Camp program will include technical instruction, endurance training, and racing to complete preparation.

Assessment Flexibility:
All assessments will be conducted at pre-set, scheduled times to offer a variety of dates to accommodate individual and work / travel schedules.

All coaching will be supervised by Günter Beutter.

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