• $150 one-time Initiation Fee
  • $700 per year for Full Membership
  • $350 per year for Weekend Membership
  • $400 per Year for College membership

Membership fees are due on the annual anniversary date.
Club Rules and Regulations can be found on the Web site or are available from the office


  • Use of Club boats and equipment
  • Use of training equipment
  • Free one-time Lactate Test
  • Priority Boat Storage
  • Reduced coaching and other fees

All members must complete a US Rowing waiver form at the beginning of each year and must comply with the Club’s Rules & Regulations the most important of which are those covering safety – please refer to the attached instructions.

Junior Associate Members (Middle and High School) also need to complete Medical Authorization and Code of Conduct forms annually or on enrolment.

Membership can be frozen in the event of temporary relocation or medical problems for an agreed specified time. The Club requests notification in writing.

The Club’s Web site and e-mail regular bulletin contain all announcements, news, rowing schedules and other information.

Questions and queries should be directed to , or leave a message at the Club on T: (860) 350-4004 - calls will be returned.

Payments should be by check made payable to GMS or GMS Rowing Center


With the increased activity at GMS we need to ensure our activities run efficiently and safely. This can only be achieved with the cooperation of all members. To this end the following limited but necessary requirements will be enforced.


  • Annual membership must be paid in full with 30days of the due date.

Boat Storage:

  • All private boats stored must be insured by the owner.
  • Boat storage fees must be paid within 30 days of receipt of an invoice otherwise the rack cannot be reserved.

Boat & Equipment Usage:

  • All Club boats must be signed out using the log in the Boat House.
  • Boats can be reserved up to a week in advance.
  • If a reserved boat has not been taken after ten minutes from the start date the reservation no longer applies.
  • Any damage must be reported to Guenter Beutter on the Club e-mail address and a note must be made in the damage log.
  • Members are responsible for the first $100 of any repairs.
  • All boats must be washed and secured after use with oars being cleaned and securely stored.

Guests and Non-Members:

  • All must sign a US Waiver form. Hosts are responsible for ensuring US Waivers are signed.
  • The host must clear availability to use equipment with Guenter Beutter or Tim Davies and if their visit coincides with a scheduled lesson with the course coach.
  • The charge for a boat rental must be paid in advance.
  • The host is responsible for ensuring the guest follows all safety instructions.
  • The host is responsible for paying the costs of repairing any damage caused by their guest.


  • Club boats required for a regatta must be cleared with Guenter Beutter by obtaining written consent – use appropriate form.
  • Registration for regattas must be made by Members. Registration for Juniors are made by the Club and are recharged.
  • The Club truck cannot be used for regattas without written permission of Guenter Beutter or Tim Davies. A copy of insurance cover is required.


  • All rowers must adhere to the launching and docking patterns
  • All rowers must stay to the starboard side of the river/lake and avoid being in the center of the water.
  • All rowers must wear brightly vests/T-shirts (please note that red colors cant be easily seen).
  • Lights must be used as light fades or when it’s dark.
  • All rowers must sign in and out using the log book in the Boat House.

Locking Up:

  • Leave slings out for any rower still out on the water.
  • If log book shows no rowers on water:
  • Turn out all the lights
  • Close all bay doors securely
  • Put away slings, roll up hose