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GMS Rowing Center is open to any athlete who wants to join.

Background: GMS Rowing Center has an active and highly successful Cadet (Middle School) and Junior (High School) rowing program. In recent years we have had rowers representing the USA at the World Rowing Junior Championships. We had a number of boats medaling at the Youth National Championships. A number of our students were awarded scholarships to college.


The program is organized into on-water programs covering spring, summer and fall. The spring, summer and fall programs last approximately 10 weeks. Each participant will be evaluated at the beginning of the Spring Season and assigned to their level / ability.

Winter Training (on-land) runs from mid-November through to early March. During this period GMS begins the on-water build up to the Sprint Season culminating in Regional, National and International regattas. With a Winter Program rowers will be in physical condition to perform to their best capability and are highly likely to achieve the results necessary to win scholarships or be selected to colleges they would like.

Our Winter Training program is designed to build strength and endurance using a mixture of ergometer (rowing machine) work-outs and weights. GMS uses techniques and a science-based methodology developed initially in Germany and now used in many of the leading sports academies across the World.


  • The Development group: Please refer to the Cadet Program which includes the high school.
  • The Competitive group will be divided into appropriate groups and boats dependant on numbers and ability. This group will be entering competitions with the focus on developing technique and fitness. The better rowers will be regularly assessed and evaluated for moving into the Elite group.
  • The Elite group will comprise of those who have achieved a level of criteria set by Guenter Beutter, Technical Director; this includes reaching nationally recognized erg scores. This group will compete at regional and national championships. They are likely to concentrate on smaller boats but this will be determined by their coach.

Recruitment Area:: Students come from a wide number of local schools, the greatest number from New Milford, Brookfield, Bridgewater and Newtown. Students from outside this area include a number from Redding, Ridgefield, Danbury in the south, and Washington and in the north.

Dates & Daily Schedule: Junior sessions will be held daily Monday through Friday. Workouts start at 3:30 running until 5:30 pm daily.

Spring Break Camp: Will be held in South Carolina in the spring of 2014. The camp is important for all rowers who wish to challenge for medals at Regional and National championships. Details will be posted on the Web site.

Racing: As rowers progress and develop, GMS will enter local regattas and regional championship events. GMS coaching staff will enter crews based on the skill level attained by the athlete. In the spring races include the Northeast Junior Regional Championships (typically held in mid-May). Winners of their events at Northeast Regional are invited to US Youth National Championships in early June. In the summer races include the Independence Day regatta at Philadelphia, and Club Nationals, Camden NJ. In the fall Novice crews will likely get their first taste of racing.

The Club attends Head (three mile races) including possibly the most famous of all fall races, the “Head of the Charles” in Boston, MA. Additionally (Please refer to Race Schedule side bar for the regatta schedule).

Daily Schedule: Workouts will start at 3:30 running until 5:30 daily.

Cost: The cost for the 5-day a week program is $895 per person.


  • Spring Program: Monday March 24th and end on Tuesday, June 10th. (No rowing will take place from April 14-April 22, we will be attending spring camp)
  • Summer Program: Wednesday, June 11th to Friday August 15th. (Weekly Continuation Classes will be arranged from August 18th to August 29th).
  • Fall Program: Tuesday September 8th to Friday November 14th.
  • Winter Program: Monday November 17th 2014 to Friday March 20th 2015.

Registration: Please complete the Registration package.


Come join us for our spring training program beginning on March 24th from 3:30-5:30. We look forward to a great spring season of racing.

We will be focusing on using the ergs (indoor rowing machines), the weight room, core strengthening and flexibility. Winter training benefits spring racing and will get you improved race results.

Please fill out the registration form and bring it to practice with payment.